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What's Your Flava?
Ice Cream Flavours

What's Your Flava?

Published: Apr 20th, 2022 8:10 PM

(as published on LinkedIn on Wednesday, 20th Apr 2022)

Flava..flavour…are you vanilla with sprinkles or double choc chip cookie dough with the works?

One of the first things I ask people who are considering speaking as a career is

“Who is your speaking role model and why?”

Do you get caught up and inspired by the high energy speakers like Tony Robbins, Brendan Burchard and Carlos Siqueira?

Or do you appreciate more of a conversational style like Brene Brown, Ken Robinson and Steve Jobs?

Recent events, particularly across the socials, are drawing attention to the credibility and authenticity of celebrities and politicians. More than ever before their (and our) personality, values and yes, authenticity is under scrutiny.

That second part of my question - Why - is the crucial part.

As we dig into why they like a particular speaker, we uncover the attributes they like.

Why is this so important?

Those attributes are the same ones the budding speakers have in themselves either obviously or under the surface.

If Tony Robbins is your jam, it’s important to identify what, specifically, about his style appeals.

Truth is, you will NEVER be Tony so please don’t try and copy him.

You are YOU!

There is only one You and if you try and copy someone else, your audience will see right through you… to the person you are trying to be!


Once you have identified your flavour and all the sprinkles etc on the top, that’s where you start to develop your own unique style.


Write down two or three speakers you particularly admire.

Get specific about what exactly about their style, their flavour, appeals to you.

Can you see those qualities in you right now?

If not, know they are waiting to be uncovered and nurtured. You would not have recognised them if they were not already known to you, your authentic self. Building up your speaking style and become your own unique flavour of speaker requires support.


Here are our best speakers (tied) for Your Words Have Power on 11th April. Check out their messages!

The Price You Pay When You Turn Your Back On Your Truth

Kate De Jong

Imagine having such a powerful message that even a technical challenge doesn't stop you from delivering it. That’s what she did!


Congratulations, Kate.

Carlos Siqueira , Global Keynote Speaker

If you've not heard of him (unlikely), you will by now. Tony Robbins has been quoted as saying "If there is one person in the world to give him a run for his money, it is Carlos Siqueira."

Carlos closed the stage for Your Words Have Power with his message.

Becoming One

Carlos Siqueira


We had our 3rd cycle yesterday and the feedback is still coming in as I write this.

My own personal takeaways were

#Teena Ryan: "Intuition is not a dirty word - it's your superpower!"

#Alexander Morris: a challenge to go for a digital fast for 12 hours!

#Trish Springsteen: Take a minute of courage - 20 sec to acknowledge the limiting beliefs shouting in your head; 20 sec to choose to move past them and determine that you CAN do whatever you put your mind to; 20 sec to grab the possibilities in front of you in both hands and joyfully step forward (however much you may be trembling!).

#Tyson Sharpe: Whatever my mind fears most is what I need to sit with and experience so I can feel and let it go through me instead of getting pushed down again (cos it will come back at the most inconvenient moment!!)




Speakers have been confirmed for most of the spots in two events in May. If you want in, we have 3 more left for Cycle 5.