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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Published: Jan 15th, 2022 7:21 PM

Who Am I?

Ever asked that profound question?

Did you get an answer??

Last year I hosted a Clubhouse call and was looking at the different aspects of our personality, different voices in our choir.

We had a bit of fun giving them names – Catastrophe Kate, Possibility Paula is what or who we started off with and then some more wanted to play...

We had Vulnerability Vera, Worrying Wendy/Anxiety Annie, and since the call I have seen Perfectionist Prudence, Critical Cruella, Comparison Cora, Cheerleader Carly, Disciplined Danni, Focused Fiona, and Procrastinating Patsy all turn up wanting to join in the party.

OK, so it’s a bit over the top, you might think...

However, if you’re honest can you identify some character traits in yourself that sometimes vie for attention?

The truth is we are ALL of these aspects and so much more.

Our deep underlying essence is who we are at our core.

These aspects of personality are just that... aspects; facets of the beautiful diamond that is you!

By giving them names I can appreciate they are parts of me and not my full identity!

So why all these characters and how to take control of them??

Each one has been developed to keep us safe at some point in our lives, to fit in with a group, to belong. Each one has value and can be recruited for specific tasks we undertake in our lives.

For example, I give the starring role to Perfectionist Prudence when I am proof reading or critiquing a presentation or going into a new situation.

She is the one who can read the nuances of body language and tell me what's really going on with the other person.

She is the one who can spot spelling and grammar errors,

and comes up with alternative ways to express a point verbally or non-verbally...

Admittedly, when she is granted full rein, she will overthink something to the nth degree so that’s where the conductor comes in and has to assign the solos as best fits the piece.

Some of these voices have a predominant masculine/outcome/destination energy about them.

Some have a more feminine/process/journey feel.

Both are required in life and the key is to be able to flow between the doing and the being sides of us!