I’ve Got The Power!

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Discover how the “Power” Pillar can transform your life as you find your authentic, assertive and accomplished voice!".

The biggest challenge you have right now is feeling invisible, lonely and ignored in your role.

When you go to speak up in any situation your voice breaks up, you stumble over your words and you are convinced no one is listening!
You often can’t break into a conversation to offer what you know to be really valuable insight. No one listens to you!
You feel your voice doesn’t matter.
You don’t matter!

During this webinar you will learn how to harness the power of your voice so you can speak with impact and influence so you can be confident to go for that promotion you have been waiting for.

Here’s what you’ll learn on the call...

• V – volume and how to use it to make an impact and draw your listener in.
• O – on/off and how to use the power of the pause.
• I – inspiration and how your breathing impacts your voice in so many ways.
• C – constriction and how tension in your body shows up in your voice.
• E – expansion and science and art of the resonant voice to command attention.

Be prepared for some action so you can try out the activities that have helped so many to find their voice.
Join us on Monday 11th May at 7am AWST,
(9am AEST, 11am NZST) (Sunday May 10th 7pm ET, 4pm PT)

for only $127AUD.

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