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About Wendy

Wendy empowers leaders to craft their message to change the lives of thousands.

She has spent the last ten years working leaders who KNOW they have a message to share and are not delivering it in a way that their audience can hear or wants to hear. She is a TEDx Trainer since 2016.

Prior to that, Wendy worked extensively as a Speech Pathologist in the UK and Australia, specialising in adults with communication challenges. She focused on the tiny movements of that we all make with our heads, hands, faces, the inflections in our voices. How we communicate with our body more words alone can ever do.

Based in Perth, Wendy works with international clients who:

  • Have a burning desire to be a speaker from the stage to inspire, motivate or sell a product/service.
  • Harbour a goal to do a TEDx talk & wider stage and experience the visibility and credibility being on the red circle brings.
  • Are seeking to launch their career as a prolific professional speaker.


Are you seeking to get on that TEDx spot and build your career as a professional speaker?

What's Your Flava?
(as published on LinkedIn on Wednesday, 20th Apr 2022)Flava..flavour…are you vanilla with sprinkles or double choc chip cookie dough with the works?One of the first things I ask people who are considering speaking as a career is“Who is
D'you know what I mean?
“Do you speak ‘Audience’?” What on earth do I mean by that? Think of it this way… would you go to France and expect everyone to speak English (I’m assuming I’m talking to an English-speaking audienc
Are you sitting comfortably...? Then I'll begin.
These were the opening words of a favourite radio programme from my early childhood: BBC Radio “Listen with Mother” back in the late 60s/early 70s. It ran from 1950-1982 so that spans at least 2 generations of Brits! Why am I sharing
Who Am I?
Who Am I? Ever asked that profound question? Did you get an answer?? Last year I hosted a Clubhouse call and was looking at the different aspects of our personality, different voices in our choir. We had a bit of fun giving them names – Catastrophe Kate, Possibility Paula is what or who we
Can I serve you? Discover if we are a match.
Enough Is Enough! Right? You can't let this situation go on any longer... it's sucking the life out of you! So you've reached out to me. I am honoured by the trust you place in me. Thank you. However&

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